Welcome to CP Developer

This is a demo site by NiallFlynn.com to test out the new WordPress Fork ClassicPress.

The theme used here is Bridge, one of the top selling themes available for WordPress on the Envato Marketplace.

What is ClassicPress?

“The business-focused CMS”

ClassicPress is a community-led open source content management system and a fork of WordPress that preserves the classic TinyMCE editor as the default option.

We believe that when we combine careful, deliberate planning with the insight and collective wisdom of the ClassicPress community, we will ensure the success of ClassicPress for many years to come. Check out our roadmap to learn more.

We have an active and growing community of users from many different backgrounds. Whether you are a developer, designer, business owner, or blogger, the ClassicPress Forums are where you can discuss all things ClassicPress. Add your voice to the conversation!

ClassicPress Web Hosting


A big Shout Out to web242.com who gave me this hosting for free, this and an affiliate link above on the bridge theme are the only proportions on this site.